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Our annual production capacity reaches 80,000 equipment sets.

With the support of a German technical team, our company has introduced a world-leading fusion welder production line into our workshop. This production line was created by Rothenberger. It can complete the manufacturing and online testing process. Additionally, this production line can comply with the production standards required by many countries. It provides functions such as automatic detection, data record and analysis, which will help to support the whole process and also optimize production efficiency.

Our workshop occupies a production area of approximately 10,000 square meters. Currently our in-house developed products include a complete range of fusion welding machines with capacities of less than 3,000mm, as well as pipe fittings butt fusion machines, saddle fusion machines, plastic pipe cutting tools and various auxiliary tools for construction. These products come in different series and models.

We implement an entire ERP system in our production workshop. We use plenty of modules, such as MPS (Master Production Schedule) and MRP (Material Requirements Planning), in order to further improve our operation process. The equipment spare parts have undergone testing and other working procedures, since we have put them into the fully-equipped workshop. We have assembled a team of highly skilled operators who can meet your batch production needs and other types of order requirements.

We have established two giant warehouses, one of which we use to store a diverse range of fusion machines. Our warehouse manager is responsible for checking the quality of finished goods and organizing them in an orderly fashion. The other warehouse is built to store the necessary equipment spare parts, which can ensure the overall performance of our equipment.

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